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"License and contact"

License/Terms of use:


You are free to use and edit work by Zaliku as long as you do not publicly share it with others, which includes sharing through websites, posts and similar ways to share content. If you want to share this work with other people use a link to one of the official posts or websites by Zaliku so they use the original versions. Do not create own blog posts or websites concerning the work without permission, excluding social media. It is not allowed to use creations by Zaliku in commercial ways, excluding videos on YouTube as long as appropriate credit is given. That also applies to screenshots and in-game-captures which, however, must not be used commercially.


According to the license you are NOT allowed to:

- Share edited, remixed, altered versions of work by Zaliku without explicit permission

- Provide work by Zaliku through own blogs, websites or download links without explicit permission

- Publish work by Zaliku and call it your own


According to the license you are allowed to:

- Share the work by using links to the related sub-website of zaliku.jimdo.com

- Edit the work for personal use

- Use the work in online videos, streams and pictures (e.g. YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, etc.) with a clearly visible link to the related sub-website of zaliku.jimdo.com (see below)

- Ask Zaliku for further permission (see below)


For questions and permission beyond that scope contact me via email or Twitter.



Credit templates:



As the license and terms of use explain you have to give appropriate credit if you want to use work by Zaliku in online media (e.g. YouTube video descriptions, Stream descriptions). Please refer to the following templates:


Resource pack: Gearan Resource Pack

Creator: Zaliku

Link: https://zaliku.jimdo.com/downloads/gearan


Resource pack: Taunoa Resource Pack

Creators: Zaliku, Stickysli

Link: https://zaliku.jimdo.com/downloads/taunoa


Used Pixel Art

Creator: Zaliku

Link: https://zaliku.jimdo.com/pixel-art/




Full contact details:





Due to privacy, no private contact information is given, please contact me via the email address provided or the message form.