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Default is too boring and clean, Faithful is not default enough and R3Dcraft is too rustic for you? Then you found what you looked for, even if you didn't look for it. Taunoa!


Using the default Minecraft textures we created a very unique resource pack experience. The textures look like the default ones from afar but if you stand directly in front of them you can see much more details and together with the models you can increase the games quality a lot.

There are several add-ons and versions of the pack. The shader special versions are only for extremely or at least a bit powerful PCs. The Taunoa Textures and Taunoa Models are both included in the Taunoa Complete version. The single Taunoa Models version can also be used with the default textures. Scroll down for downloads.


Taunoa on Planet Minecraft: https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/taunoa-resource-pack---by-zaliku-3690704/ 




By downloading Taunoa or any add-on the terms of use apply. Please read them first.


Only the Textures, no models, no shader extras.

IMPORTANT: If you use all the add-ons the order must be (from top to bottom): Shader Add-On, Taunoa, Model Add-On

Taunoa Model Add-On

Only the models. Can be used with the default textures too.

Taunoa Shader Add-On

Adds bump- and normal maps to the textures to create awesome effects when used with shaders