"Projects and Work"

Hello, my name is David. But you might just know me as Zaliku, a mapmaker, resource pack creator and pixel-artist.


I create pixel art and resources for the popular video game "Minecraft" (such as resource packs which change its look and feel and adventure maps which are a kind of game in the game).


Here is a list of my most important work:

Resource Packs

Gearan  by Zaliku

A rustic-realistic but still kind of default styled- resource pack which includes a lot of  3D-models for building and decoration.

There are two versions: Standard and Lite which is more like the default textures.

Taunoa  by Zaliku and Stickysli

An up scaled version of the Minecraft default textures for more details but still an overall vanilla look. There also is an 3D-model add-on which enhances the experience a lot and can even be used together with the default textures.

Visibility  by Elazzaar

A very clean and smooth resource pack with a beautiful chosen color palette. It contains some 3D-models and has a very unique look. Some textures and plenty of the models were made by Zaliku.


Stalaxy: Run  by Zaliku

A shooter map with game-play inspired by older video games like "Star Wars: Dark Forces" and a very special art style inspired by the mobile game "Galaxy Hoppers".

It contains custom models and Music by TQSN_Spielmann.

Timestop Parkour  by SpielmitStil

A pretty challenging parcour map where you can freeze the time but just for colorless things! A must-try for jump-and-run pros and those who want to become that.

With models and textures by Zaliku

The Shadowmaker  by SpielmitStil

Another puzzle map by our favorite mapmaker; The technique is based on you having a shadow you can teleport around, but be careful: Light let's your shadow disappear!

With custom music by SirSmileX, resources by Zaliku and voice acting.

Blocky World by NOPEname

A nostalgic Zelda styled top-down adventure with a lot of nice details and well-made game mechanics. Perfect for fans of the "The Legend Of Zelda" franchise. Block models by Zaliku.

Pixel Art

Pixel Art  by Zaliku

Pixel art is an art style I really love. Not only because you can create very beautiful paintings without an expensive drawing equipment but also because it reminds me of older games.